We help whistleblowers expose wrongdoing.

Individual whistleblowers who report incidences of securities-related wrongdoing to the Ontario Securities Commission may be entitled to compensation if monies are recovered as a result of whistleblower information. Such wrongdoing can relate to any of the following areas:  accounting and financial reporting, insider trading, market manipulation and general misrepresentation in corporate disclosure.

For example, you may be eligible for compensation if you know that a public issuer is aware of but has not disclosed to the market information that could materially affect its financial situation. You may know this information as a result of your independent knowledge or as a result of detailed analysis of publicly-available information. We can advise you through the process, and assist you in submitting information anonymously and obtaining the compensation you are entitled to.

There is also protection for the following categories of whistleblowers:

  • federal government employees;
  • employees who have reported their employers to law enforcement;
  • employees in Ontario who report specific violations under the Occupational Health and Safety ActEnvironmental Protection Act, or the Employment Standards Act;
  • individuals who have information about tax fraud, including deliberate misrepresentations of income and deductions and have reported this to the Canada Revenue Agency.

This includes protection from reprisals by your employer.

Contact us for more information or to see how you can help expose wrongdoing as a whistleblower while being defended from reprisals.