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Landing Page – Ticketmaster EN

Ticketmaster Class Action

If you have bought tickets to live events on Ticketmaster, you may have had the experience of tickets disappearing from your cart just before you check out no matter how quickly you move, or resale tickets at astronomical prices being your only option. For a long time, people suspected that the system was rigged against them.

A recent investigation by the CBC and Toronto Star revealed that Ticketmaster actively engaged in conduct that allegedly violated protections for consumers in Canadian law. The investigation showed Ticketmaster encouraging professional resellers to enter the business of buying tickets en masse and reselling them for a profit, giving them assurances that Ticketmaster would close its eyes to the breaches of its own terms of use that limit the number of tickets that consumers can buy.

This lawsuit alleges that Ticketmaster manipulated the live event market to benefit itself at the expense of Canadian consumers.

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There is no cost to you joining the lawsuit. Our fees are contingent on the results obtained.