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Landing Page – LifeLabs

LifeLabs Class Action

Sotos Class Actions is working in collaboration with Hunter Litigation Chambers, Waddell Phillips PC and Klein & Schonblum Associates to launch a proposed class action in British Columbia against LifeLabs and associated defendants. The class action seeks to represent all persons resident in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and the Northwest Territories whose personal information was involved in the breach announced by the defendants on December 17, 2019.

The case seeks compensation for millions of Canadians whose sensitive personal health information was accessed by cyber-criminals in a hack in 2019. The information in involved in the breach includes, name, email, logins, passwords, date of birth, health card numbers, gender, phone numbers, password security questions and lab test results.

LifeLabs operates one of the largest medical testing laboratory companies in the world and is responsible for over a third of all laboratory tests in the province of British Columbia. LifeLabs has acknowledged that personal health information was “extracted” by hackers from its systems and that LifeLabs paid a ransom to the “retrieve” the information.

The plaintiffs allege that LifeLabs breached provincial privacy, consumer protection and other laws, and that it knew its IT security was inadequate and vulnerable to hackers but failed to put adequate systems in place to ensure the protection of the personal health information.