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Landing Page – Instacart Shoppers

Instacart Shoppers Class Action

This case seeks compensation for unpaid minimum employment standards entitlements, including minimum wage, and misclassification of Instacart full-service shoppers.

Instacart employs full-service shoppers to perform same-day shopping and delivery services to its customers in Canada via the Instacart app. This case alleges that Instacart’s full-service shoppers are in fact employees and not independent contractors and that Instacart is responsible for complying with Canadian employment laws and ensuring that its shoppers are properly compensated for all hours they work.

Instacart dictates how, when, and where full-service shoppers work and how much they earn. Instacart shoppers have no control over their batch earnings or conditions of employment. Shoppers must comply with Instacart’s strict guidelines concerning their employment and use of the Instacart app or face lowered star ratings and/or unilateral deactivation of their accounts.

The plaintiff alleges that Instacart breached Canadian employment laws by failing to pay full-service shoppers for their minimum employment standards entitlements since 2015.