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Auto PartsPrice FixingOver 40 actions for price fixing and bid rigging against manufacturers of various auto parts on behalf of vehicle purchasers and direct purchasers of auto parts from 1999 to 2014.2018-06-08
BMO/SimpliiPrivacyThis action is on behalf of all current or former Bank of Montreal (“BMO”) customers whose personal information was exposed to appropriation by hackers as a result of a security breach disclosed on May 28, 2018.2018-06-11
Equifax Canada Co. and Equifax Inc.PrivacyAction for breach of privacy, contract, and consumer rights against Equifax on behalf of Canadians affected by a 2017 data breach.

Poursuite contre Equifax pour atteinte à la vie privée, violation de contrats et atteinte aux droits des consommateurs au nom des Canadiens affectés par une brèche de données en 2017.
Fiat Chrysler Diesel EmissionsConsumerAction for breach of Canadian environmental, consumer protection, and other laws against Fiat Chrysler and Bosch on behalf of owners of diesel Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Ram 1500 (model years 2014-2016).

Poursuite contre Fiat Chrysler et Bosch pour avoir enfreint les lois canadiennes en matière de protection environnementale, de protection des consommateurs, et d’autres lois, au nom des propriétaires de Jeep Grand Cherokee et Dodge Ram 1500 (au diésel, modèles 2014 à 2016).
Ford Diesel EmissionsConsumerAction for breach of Canadian environmental, consumer protection, and other laws against Ford and Bosch on behalf of owners of certain diesel Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty trucks.2018-06-08
Foreign Exchange Manipulation (FOREX)Price FixingAction for alleged conspiracy to manipulate the foreign exchange market against various financial institutions on behalf of persons in Canada who transacted in foreign exchange instruments from 2003 until 2013.2018-06-08
GM Diesel EmissionsConsumerAction for breach of Canadian environmental, consumer protection, and other laws against General Motors and Bosch on behalf of owners of certain diesel GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado, and Chevrolet Cruze.2018-06-08
General MotorsFranchiseAction against General Motors of Canada Limited and Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP on behalf of former GMCL dealers that signed a wind-down agreement in 2009.2018-06-07
Gold Price ManipulationPrice FixingAction for alleged conspiracy to manipulate the global gold markets against various financial institutions on behalf of persons in Canada who transacted in gold market instruments from 2004 until 2014.2018-06-11
LenovoPrivacyAction for breaches of privacy caused by the installation of “Superfish” software on certain Lenovo laptops on behalf of consumers who purchased the laptop directly from Lenovo.2018-06-08
Lithium BatteriesPrice FixingClass action against lithium battery manufacturers and resellers alleging they conspired with each other to raise, maintain, fix and/or stabilize the price of lithium-ion batteries and lithium-ion battery products sold in North America.2018-06-08
Livingston InternationalEmploymentAction for unpaid overtime against Livingston International Inc. on behalf of current and former non-management employees across Canada.2018-06-08
Peterborough Regional Health CentrePrivacyAction for breaches of privacy suffered by patients of Peterborough Regional Health Centre between 2010 and 2012.2018-06-08
Prepaid Credit CardsConsumerAction for allegedly illegal fees and expiry dates on prepaid credit cards against Peoples Trust on behalf of consumers who had a prepaid card from Peoples Trust between 2012 and 2014.2018-06-08
Rouge ValleyPrivacyAction for breaches of privacy suffered by patients of the Rouge Valley Health System between 2009 and 2015.2018-05-15
Sears Canada OppressionCorporateAction alleging that the payment of a $509 million dividend by Sears Canada, primarily for the benefit of its parent corporations, was oppressive and contrary to the Canadian Business Corporations Act.2018-06-08
Sears Hometown StoresFranchiseAction for alleged breaches of contract and the statutory duties of fair dealing and disclosure relating to the operation of the “Hometown” store network against Sears Canada on behalf of “Hometown” dealers.2018-05-25
Silver Price ManipulationPrice FixingAction for alleged conspiracy to manipulate the global silver markets against various institutions on behalf of persons in Canada who transacted in silver market instruments from 1999 until 2014.2018-06-11
TD Coin Counting MachinesConsumerAction for alleged misrepresentations made by TD regarding its coin counting machines on behalf of all persons who have used the machines since 2013.2018-06-08
Unpaid Overtime (CIBC)EmploymentAction for alleged failure to pay overtime against CIBC on behalf of CIBC branches’ front-line customer service employees since 1993.2018-06-08
Bell MobilityConsumerThe lawsuit, on behalf of nearly a million Ontario customers of the Bell Mobility, Solo Mobile and Virgin Mobile Canada brands, alleges that Bell breaches its contracts with its customers by seizing credit balances and that Bell engages in “unfair business practices”, contrary to Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act.2018-05-15
DuPontPrice FixingThis class action lawsuit alleges that E. I. DuPont Canada Company (DuPont) conspired with its distributors to enhance and maintain the prices of engineering resins sold to automotive parts manufacturers in Canada. The alleged conspiracy is in breach of the Competition Act, a federal statute that prohibits price maintenance and conspiracies to enhance and maintain prices.2018-05-15
GM Retiree BenefitsEmploymentThis class action is being brought on behalf of approximately 3,300 retired salaried and executive employees of General Motors of Canada Limited (“GMCL”) who alleged that GMCL improperly reduced or eliminated their retirement benefits starting in 2008.2018-05-15
GrouponConsumerClass action against Groupon Inc. alleging that the expiry dates on Groupon’s vouchers are illegal.2018-05-16
Licence IssuersFranchiseSotos LLP commenced this proposed class action against the Government of Ontario on behalf of all motor vehicle licence issuers in the Province of Ontario.2018-05-15
MidasFranchiseThis class action is brought on behalf of all Canadian Midas dealers. The claim alleges that Midas Canada breached its duties of good faith and fair dealing to the dealers by eliminating a preferential purchasing system which was an integral part of the Midas franchise system.2018-05-15
Pet ValuFranchiseThis action seeks $100,000,000 on behalf of all Canadian Pet Valu franchisees against the franchisor of the Pet Valu chain. The statement of claim alleges that the franchisor breached its obligations under the franchise agreement and the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000, S.O. 2000, c. 3 by failing to pass on to the franchisees the benefits received through Pet Valu's substantial purchasing power.2018-05-15
QuiznosFranchiseThis class action lawsuit alleges that the Canadian franchisor of the Quiznos chain and others have illegally conspired to enhance and fix the prices of supplies purchased by Quiznos franchisees for their businesses. The statement of claim alleges a system of kickbacks that included Quiznos Canada Restaurant Corporation and its designated exclusive supplier, GFS Canada Inc.2018-05-15
SuncorFranchiseThis lawsuit was commenced on behalf of all Sunoco service station operators in Ontario against Suncor Energy Products Inc. and its parent company Suncor Energy Inc. The lawsuit asserts that Suncor failed to comply with Ontario's franchise legislation when the retailers entered into their most recent franchise agreements.2018-05-15
Tim Hortons Franchisees Advertising FundFranchiseThis is a proposed class action on behalf of Tim Hortons franchisees. The claim alleges that the franchisor of the Tim Hortons chain, and its related entities, have breached obligations to franchisees through their use of advertising fund monies contributed by the franchisees. The claim also alleges related breaches of statutory and fiduciary obligations to franchisees by these defendants.2018-05-15
Unpaid OvertimeEmploymentSotos LLP is co-lead counsel in two certified national class actions on behalf of employees of Scotiabank and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (“CIBC”). These groundbreaking class actions cover tens of thousands of current and former non-management, non-unionized retail bank employees who allege that the banks had defective overtime compensation systems that caused them and not be paid for hours that they were entitled to be compensated for pursuant to the Canada Labour Code.2018-05-15

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A class action is a court procedure that allows many people with a common grievance to bring a single action to court under the representation of a single named plaintiff. Not all cases are appropriate to bring as a class action, but our years of experience in this specialized area of the law helps us to determine which case are most suitable. Examples of successful class actions that have been brought include misleading advertising about goods or services, common defects in a product, and price-fixing conspiracies.

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